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Sight Unseen Norway with Brice Shirbach

"This season's Sight Unseen follows Pivot athlete Brice Shirbach as he discovers new trails and cultures in Norway. The bucket-list destination left the team feeling fulfilled in the memories and new relationships they made. The visually stunning...Watch Now

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Compulsion Featuring Tor Cameron

"Our short piece, "Compulsion" is a testament to the passion and dedication that Vancouver Island freerider, Tor Cameron puts into his building and riding. Built and shot between October 2021 and May 2023, "Compulsion" features a series of...Watch Now

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Local Custom Stunning Scenery and Riding in Central France

"Releasing this video feels like I’m spilling the beans on a juicy secret… I’m from Vancouver but also grew up part of the year in Central France where I have taken my bike on countless adventures. The “Massif Central” of France is a place I am...Watch Now

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"Mountain Biking videos don't all have to have a purpose... This video simply should just make you smile when...

"It's not about the fastest times, posting for likes, or medals around your neck. It's about sharing laps,...

"The daunting steeps of the Chilean Andes, the shifting terrain of Malalcahuello and the flowy loam of Colico...

"For the Love is a short film capturing different accounts of involvement in and love for the mountain bike...