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  • This updated iteration of the Switchblade has turned up the dial on speed and stability.

    It’s been a few years since I had the pleasure of riding the previous Pivot Switchblade. This is a model that has risen to legendary status in...

  • The new Specialized Epic Evo offers 120 millimeters of stout, yet highly efficient travel that feels at-home in a huge variety of terrain.

    During the darkest part of the Northwest winter, I found myself aboard the new Specialized Epic 8 Evo Pro, a short-travel speed demon. After a nasty...

  • The newest OneUp Dropper Post is incredibly lightweight while remaining endlessly adjustable.

    Before the modern marvels of mountain biking technology graced our trails, the ancient riders of yore engaged in a time-honored tradition. This wasn...

Welcome to Issue 15.2

A unique blend of shared excitement and camaraderie that transcends mere thrill-seeking exists within the mountain biking community. In the latest issue of Freehub, we uncover the nuanced layers of connection that define our community. An in-depth report on the groundbreaking inclusion of women in premier slopestyle events and an exploration of the neurological foundations of mountain biking that promote healing and mental well-being are a few among many stories that delve into the diverse ways riders find unity and purpose. In a profile piece on Laura Blythe, a search for purpose leads to a blossoming love for mountain biking on the trails of Fire Mountain in the Qualla Boundary, home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina. These narratives highlight individual experiences that collectively shape our shared passion for mountain biking.

Dive in and explore the depth of community woven through the pages of Issue 15.2.