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The newest OneUp Dropper Post is incredibly lightweight while remaining endlessly adjustable.

Before the modern marvels of mountain biking technology graced our trails, the ancient riders of yore engaged in a time-honored tradition. This wasn...

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Welcome to Issue 15.1

Northwest Arkansas’ trail expansion over the past decade is well documented. Much less so is the state’s mountain biking history, which long predates the modern boom of flow trails and easy-to-access singletrack hubs. To kick off our 15th anniversary of independent publishing, Freehub is proud to present the Arkansas Photo Book, a visual field guide and in-depth journal that digs through the rolling Ozark and Ouachita ranges to unearth the Natural State’s storied fat-tire past. Each page adds another layer in understanding how Arkansas grew to become such a notable destination for mountain bikers. From the rocky slopes of Mount Nebo to the twisting labyrinths of Bentonville and Fayetteville, standout trails are outlined in tandem with influential community members working tirelessly to firmly stamp Arkansas as a model for how to build a buzzing bike culture. Grab a copy of 15.1 and plan your own adventure.