Cease & Desist and Drop the Hammer // Trail Preview Justice Berry Rides Bentonville, AR

Located in Bentonville, the heart of Arkansas’ bike boom, Cease And Desist and Drop The Hammer connect seamlessly to become a top-to-bottom expert jump line with increasing difficulty. Hop on board with Justice Berry as he drops from Coler Mountain Bike Preserve’s iconic “The Hub” into a fast-paced series of machine-built drops, berms, tables and step ups.

The Trail Preview video series helps riders understand how to ride a specific trail from behind the bars. With integrated motion graphics of trail data, ride time, location, and bike of choice, traveling mountain bikers can get a feel for what to expect when navigating a new area with direct guidance from riders who know the trails best.

Explore Issue 15.1, a visual field guide to the Natural State’s buzzing bike culture.

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