Racing Cascadia Episode 1 Going Full Enduro on Vancouver, BC's North Shore

In This Episode: Racing Cascadia gets underway as Lars and the Freehub crew head across the border to the North Shore trails of BC for the first stop of the CDC. There Lars meets up with fellow enduro riders Adam Craig and Kelend Hawks to send skinnies, talk MTB history and, most importantly, have fun with friends in the woods. — Cascadia Dirt Cup, Smith Optics, Clif Bar #RacingCascadia

In the Pacific Northwest, the Enduro racing world—and culture—is best represented by the Cascadia Dirt Cup, a multi-venue series focused on the elements that make the modern mountain bike scene so attractive. In the case of racers and fans, it’s also what makes the sport so authentic. Join us as we travel through the Cascadia Dirt Cup, a race series that revolves around community.