Liam Doran

Don't mess with the boss... Just kidding, Liam is one of the nicest dudes you'll meet and a seriously talented photographer.

Liam Doran - Photographer Profile

Just about any photographer can take 20 banger shots over some time and call it a professional portfolio.

But few can hit their mark consistently regardless of the sport, terrain and conditions. When I met Liam Doran three years ago at a snowsports trade show in Denver, he was carrying around a large printed portfolio of his work. We clicked immediately and one assignment led to another. Now Liam is a lifelong friend and a photographer I hold in high admiration.

As you look at Liam’s work through the next few pages, let each one marinate. Notice how he makes light dance across a wide-open landscape, or how he connects you with the magical hour that happens while riding the desert as the heat of day fades into the cool of night. Or how a shot taken during fall in Colorado somehow captures the crisp air that cuts through the frame, blowing out the pale blue sky and causing the aspens to quake.

Based in Summit County, Colo., Liam is a rider first and a photographer second. He brings this intimate experience with nature and biking to each and every frame. And when you’re out with him shooting, he doesn’t relish downtime. While you’re hanging by the river on a hot day, he’s riding the trail, finding the shot and setting up a schedule with the sun. When Liam is on assignment, he doesn’t wonder if a shoot is worth it—rather, he calculates it, and either captures the frame or moves on. As a photo editor, I see that as a key element of a consummate photographer.

But don’t let me puff Liam’s ego up too much; really, he’s just getting started. Liam’s a committed student of nature, movement and photography and with each passing season his work only gets stronger. So enjoy the next few pages—the world’s a beautiful place when seen through the eyes of a photographer who understands what it’s like to rip down a thin ribbon of singletrack, sending up a thin cloud of dust into the evening light.

I was working with Mark Weir on a shoot for Cannondale and came away with this shot. Images like this make me want to ride my bike…I just want to be there right now soaking up the smells, sounds and light of a summer afternoon ride in the mountains.
Kevin Dixon is living the dream…that is if your dream is to live in your car next to the Moab Cyclery where you work and get rides like this every day.
This shot is from a race at Solvista. I have no idea who the rider is but I like his intensity.
Around the corner from my house are some steep granite rolldowns. I went out with Kevin Soller one night and came away with sweet shots for me and a dislocated shoulder for Kevin…dont’t worry, it popped right back in.
This was taken somewhere in Park City UT. Cannondale rider Aaron Chase was attacking through these tight trees like it was impossible to hit one of them…which I, of course did, and even broke a lens doing it!