FACES: The Rider Chronicles An Introspective Series Featuring Lorraine Blancher

In This Episode: Lorraine Blancher got hooked on riding her bike after she won her first downhill race at 19 and hasn't looked back since. Growing up in Okanagan Valley, Lorraine was given the freedom to explore the wilderness that surrounded her, which evolved into a love for the outdoors, and an ambition to spend as much time as possible enjoying the mountains. She now lives in Revelstoke, BC, where we caught up with her and her sister Sarah for some not-so-typical family time.

Faces: The Rider Chronicles is a series dedicated to telling the stories of mountain biking. Wade Simmons, Dylan Sherrard, Lorraine Blancher and Chris Johnston are four riders with a unique outlook on the sport and surrounding community. Each offers their own blend of knowledge and experience that encapsulate the mountain bike lifestyle. Join us for a series dedicated to telling their stories.