Faces Riders

  • Wade Simmons

    North Vancouver, BC

    Known as the Godfather of Freeride, Wade has been progressing mountain biking since his early days in Kamloops and his time at Cove Bike Shop in North Vancouver. He was champion at the first Red Bull Rampage, a pioneer on the trails of the famed North Shore and one of the first people to be inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Now he’s a husband, a businessman, the father of two children, and an ambassador to the sport and the brands he’s loyally represented since his beginnings. There are few people that can bring more steeze to a mountain bike than the Godfather.

  • Dylan Sherrard

    Kamloops, BC

    Hailing from Kamloops, BC, Dylan Sherrard grew up with what many people consider the birthplace of freeriding as his backyard. It is most plausibly the Kamloop’s endless variety of terrain that shaped Dylan into the all-around ripper that he is known to be. Dylan’s passion for mountain biking is always present, whether in the stoke he spreads and even lines he chooses. For someone who rides bikes everyday and has a personal philosophy of “do what makes you happy,” it seem things are working out pretty well for the young Canadian.

  • Lorraine Blancher

    Revelstoke, BC

    Lorraine Blancher has a knack for adventure, whether it’s a 100km of dirt roads or a helicopter ride that stands in her way, very few locations are unattainable in the name of exploring. Now calling Revelstoke, BC, home, biking originally started as an off-season activity to keep her mind off the powder-less mountains, but after just one ride she was hooked. Lorraine defines her riding style as everything from big mountain to enduro, meaning she’s willing to push the bounds progression in any way she sees fit.

  • Chris Johnston

    Squamish, BC

    Chris Johnston dialed his riding skills on the roads of Wellington, New Zealand as a bike messenger. A seemingly unusual background for someone who competes in everything from marathon XC to DH races, but proper knowledge about how to handle a bike translates easily through disciplines. Now living in British Columbia, Chris, along with friend and team member Dylan Wolsky are The Nomads. The two race in just about any discipline they want, and are consistently leading the pack in races all over the world.