FACES: The Rider Chronicles An Introspective Series Featuring Dylan Sherrard

In This Episode: Recently rounding 15 years since he first picked up a bike, Dylan Sherrard’s passion has been evident since day one. Born in New Brunswick, he spent his formative years in White Horse, YT, before moving to Kamloops, BC, a fitting place as it’s known as the birthplace of freeride mountain biking. Daily life revolves around riding his bike, from his commute, to working at the Bicycle Café and sunset sessions at the Kamloops Bike Ranch—it hardly even seems like work. For Dylan, it’s all about sharing his love of bikes and contributing to the strong community that surrounds the sport.

Faces: The Rider Chronicles is a series dedicated to telling the stories of mountain biking. Wade Simmons, Dylan Sherrard, Lorraine Blancher and Chris Johnston are four riders with a unique outlook on the sport and surrounding community. Each offers their own blend of knowledge and experience that encapsulate the mountain bike lifestyle. Join us for a series dedicated to telling their stories.