Kamloops [POV] Matt Hunter & Matty Miles Ride Kamloops, BC

Matt Hunter and Matty Miles need no introduction. They embody the spirit of mountain biking to its core and their love for riding shines through into everything they do. Ride along as the Kamloops, BC natives give us a glimpse of what a typical weekend of riding looks like for this dynamic duo.

Thrown into the mix of this POV is local legend Luke Beers (@lukebeers) alongside up-and-coming young guns Jesse Munden (@jessemunden_) and Marcus Cant (@marcus_cant). You'd be hard-pressed to find a more exciting combination of riders to watch as they navigate a gnarly descent together—hooting and hollering with each slapped corner, two-wheel drift and extended bout of airtime. Sit back and let their effortless flow guide your dreams ahead of this coming weekend!

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