HOME // Episode 2 East Side Adventure with Jill Kintner & Bryn Atkinson

In This Episode: Jill and Bryn pack up the Sprinter for a weekend adventure to Washington's east side. The destination is Angels Staircase, a 23-mile trail that loops through the Methow Valley and climbs more than 5,000 vertical feet. Topping out at just over 8,000 feet, it's the highest singletrack in the state and has the extraordinary views to prove it. This being a "relaxing" weekend and all, the two opt for a smaller loop around Eagle Lakes before returning to the van for some much-deserved tacos and camp vibes.

“Home” is a term that has a very solid meaning, yet the concept itself has a very loose structure. Home is a place. Home is people. Home is a trail. Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner recently moved to Bellingham, Washington, where all of these aspects converge into a community that matches their own passion for riding. Some things about their new locale might take some getting used to—like 34-plus inches of annual rainfall—but it’s all these elements together that make it what it is: home.