44 Days and Rolling Episode 7

We left Milwaukee on our 22-hour push for Montana, and oh man it was good to see some mountains again. Our first stop back in the west was Bozeman, MT where we caught on some social skills and bike maintenance before heading out for a day of XC. With the snow still making its presence known in the hills, we decided to head over to the Lewis and Clark trails for its dusty and loose single track with local rider Lydia Tanner. After punching out some great xc laps, it was back to Bozeman, where the rain fell for days until we decided to head west... and by west, we mean home!

With the thought of a Washington spring on our minds, we saddled up for our last 11-hour stint and pushed onto Duthie Hill outside Seattle, WA. After a quick trail session on Ryan's Eternal Flow, we hit the pumptrack for a nightcap with the local Duthie crew. We made the best of our Duthie shred and saddled up yet again to make our journey north to the place we call home! We arrived in Bellingham to a warm welcome and the desire to ride our local trails. We woke up at 7:30am, and packed up for a day of DH and XC riding off of Chuckanut Mountain, with an evening plan of dirt work and riding on Galbraith Mountain. After our first few DH runs, our trip companion and good homie Jon Angermeir broke his heal bone, leaving him at the hospital and out of commission on our last and final shoot. Unfortunately the show had to go on, so our Montana buddy Mike Bly helped out with filming throughout the day and we captured some good DH soul turns. After a strong Chuckanut session, we pushed onto Galbraith Mountain where we met our buddies and local builders for an evening train ride down Unemployment Line. The awesome session turned into some cold bevies, trail work and a good ole Washington build BBQ. Thanks to our crew Eric Brown, Bill Hawk, Matt Durand, and Andrew Fletcher we had a great build and ride session on our home dirt.