Proving Grounds Pacific City Hosted by Carson Storch 2023

"When Proving Grounds teams up with one of the world’s best freeriders, Carson Storch to invite 12 top athletes to his dream zone on Oregon’s Pacific Coast for a mega three-zone, three-day super session, you know there’ll be fireworks.

The biggest names in freeriding push their limits, fill their bags with new tricks ahead of Red Bull Rampage, and pull off mind-bending GOAT trains. A crew of prospect riders have even bigger things on their minds: earning a shot to ride in the 2024 Proving Grounds Tour. The next jump to the global stage is in reach for Kurtis Downs, Barbara Edwards, Talus Turk, and Ryan McNulty, but to hit that they’ll need to match the riding of the men and women dropping in all around them including Zink, Strait, Bergemann, Brandt, Goomes, McCaul, Wygle, and the ringleader himself Storch. "—Proving Grounds Tour