One Hell of a Party Northern British Columbia's Bike-Powered Renaissance

The recipe for a good party is pretty simple: good people. Any time there’s a group of quality human beings, good times are likely to ensue. When mountain biking is added to that mix, not to mention a week-long road trip through Northern British Columbia, it’s one hell of a party. The idea was to explore some of the province’s small towns that are aiming to revitalize their tourism industries and specifically working with mountain bikers to make this happen. The results have been impressive thanks to the effort the small towns of Prince George, Fort St. James, Terrace, Smithers and Burns Lake have put into their surrounding trails. The seed has been planted and all of these areas have become home to riding that rivals many of the well-known meccas in the province, with more on the way. The only thing left now is for everyone else to realize it.