My Way Hayden Zablotny

"After countless 4am wakeups, less-than-ideal car camping setups, and enough ice-capps to kill a horse, both Hayden and I are beyond stoked to finally be launching this summer's project. This video has been a true labor of love for both us, and I'm so excited that it's finally up for everyone to see. This whole project was made feasible by the generous folks over at Rocky Mountain, and I want to extend a hand of gratitude to Sebastien Berthiaume, Thomas Vanderham, and Nina Harmon for being so supportive and malleable. I also want to thank Matt Brooks for not only filming a second angle of Hayden's flip, but also for putting this feature in 20 odd years ago, as well as Dylan Sherrard for coming out and being such a positive presence that night."—Logan Williams

"I watched my straight air clip, and knew from the way I popped and the way I was feeling, I could do it. As I was hiking up, all I told myself was "just do a backflip". When I dropped in, I knew I had it, there was no doubt in my mind. I didn't do it for fame or Instagram hits, I did it for the love of myself, and the history of Canadian freeride."—Hayden Zablotny