Montana Dreamin' Rowdy Flow

"You may have seen his clips circulating on social media, the enigma known as rowdyflow. His unique riding style and bag of tricks has made him easy to watch. As it turns out, he’s a real human.

Twenty-four year old Nick Clark is a nomadic type of guy, originally from Atlanta, now based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He frequents bike parks and trails across the intermountain West of Utah, Idaho, California and the PNW. When asked about his favorite riding zones, he’s quick to bring up Legacy Bike Park outside of Kalispell, Montana.

Legacy is a gem. A busy weekend brings roughly two whole shuttles worth of riders out to a network of first-class trails in the Montana wilderness. Nick loves the steepness of the lips and the daring nature the park was built with. As he said, “they’re not afraid to build cool shit.” Camping at nearby Flathead Lake doesn’t hurt Legacy’s list of features either.

Nick partnered with longtime friend Drew Blankenbecler to gather footage at Legacy and put it together into something special. The process took place in about a week, with the duo filming clips sporadically between riding for fun. The pace was nicely matched to the vibe at the park."—Extreme Shox USA