The Lowdown Whales

"Earlier this season Ben Gerrish of Hidden Media joined our very own Brandon Lancaster and took a trip to Revs bike park where they met up with RideWrap ambassadors, Becci Skelton, Vero Sandler, and Sian Dillon for a day of bike wrapping and park brapping. We asked the girls to share what it is about riding that gets them fired up. In light of the recent news that Revolution Bike Park will be closing indefinitely, we figure now is the best time to release this project to encourage you to get out there and make the most of this magical place before it closes. Revisiting the very same soil they held their first Women's Gravity Jam, Vero, Becci, and Sian are no strangers to Revs. Project Evolve took place in early May to push the UK freeride scene in a non-competitive environment." — RideWrap

Credit: RideWrap