Love Letter to Gorge Road Proving Grounds

"The piece was completely free-spirited, with the riders just signaling when they were dropping and Porter capturing the action. Rheeder explains the uniqueness of riding in New Zealand, “Queenstown is in a lane of its own. It offers multiple lift-access bike parks and trail networks and has the Gorge Road dirt jumps, which are the most artistic, sculpted, and cared-for public dirt jumps on earth.”

Gorge Road, often hailed as the world’s best jump location, was saved in 2021 from destruction with help from Kiwi-entrepreneur and fellow mountain biker Rod Drury. Proving Grounds and Clay Porter have created this “Love Letter to Gorge Road” as a thank you to the people of Queenstown, especially Queenstown Mountain Bike Club, for their hospitality and to Drury and the riders and supporters worldwide who came together to ensure that the pure joy of riding Gorge Road lives on."—Proving Grounds