Frenchies in Whistler and Coast Gravity Park Bromance EP 2: French Mountain Biking Adventure

"Join the French trio on an adrenaline-pumping adventure as they conquer the trails of Whistler and explore the stunning landscapes of the Coast Gravity Park. Brace yourself for a ride filled with gravity-defying descents, world-class features, and enduring friendships. In the first part, witness the trio's skills on the iconic Whistler Bike Park trails, navigating steep downhill runs and flowy jump lines. The camaraderie adds to the heart-pounding Whistler experience. Following this high-flying action, the journey continues to the Sunshine Coast's renowned Coast Gravity Park. Transition seamlessly from Whistler's gravity-defying features to the coastal charm of this legendary bike park. Explore challenging trails against the backdrop of stunning coastal landscapes."—Cell Co