We Are One Da Bar and Stem

We Are One Da Bar and Stem Cockpit Review

Imagine moving through the world with the precision and stealth of a ninja, each step meticulously calculated, each movement effortless and poised.

The mystique surrounding these ancient warriors isn't just due to their stealth, but their equipment—finely crafted tools designed to complement their skills perfectly. Channeling the same spirit, We Are One Composites created Da Package, a handlebar and stem combination that is as exacting as a ninja's weaponry.

Emerging from the shadows of the Canadian mountain biking scene, We Are One Composites is a company known for its attention to quality and performance. Their Da Package cockpit, consisting of Da Bar and Da Stem, carries the weight of this reputation gracefully, embodying a perfect blend of stealth, strength, and agility.

Da Bar, much like a ninja's katana, is made for balance and control. Fashioned in-house from a blend of both unidirectional and woven carbon prepreg, this 800-millimeter-wide masterpiece ensures you command the trails with a firm grip. A sweep of 8-degrees back and 5-degrees up, coupled with your choice of rise, means that comfort and control are not mutually exclusive but harmoniously synced.

In contrast, Da Stem represents the unyielding firmness of a ninja's shuriken. Elegantly constructed from sturdy 7075 aluminum, Da Stem is available in either 35-millimeter or 45-millimeter length and creates a secure connection with the handlebar, ensuring you maintain seamless control throughout your ride.

Together, Da Package comes in a sleek black finish, with a refined look that requires no branding—a style point that I really appreciate. It also comes in a luxurious purple bag, reminiscent of a certain Canadian whiskey, which really elevates the whole “unboxing” experience. But this stealthy look and swaggy bag isn't just about the cool factor; it's about complementing the impeccable performance that this combination offers.

I spoke with the lead component engineer, Logan Kupchanko, about the material used in the handlebars, and he said, "Carbon fiber as a medium has given us the opportunity to drive innovation in laminate development and manufacturing techniques. The Da Bar project, in particular, gave us a very unique set of challenges: creating a handlebar to last the most demanding riders a lifetime, while having the flex characteristics to be comfortable for big days in (or out of) the saddle. Carbon fiber has given unparalleled design freedom to experiment and strategically place different types of carbon fiber in key areas to tune the desired ride feel while continuing to push the boundaries of strength and longevity."

What is perhaps most unique about this setup is that the handlebar does not have a 31.8-millimeter clamp diameter, as was previously standard, nor does it use the current 35-millimeter standard. Instead, it is 33-millimeter. But rather than create a new standard, the designers came up with an ingenious solution to multiple problems of the past all at once.

By making Da Bar 33 millimeters at the center, they were able to find a balance between stiffness and flexibility that was elusive amongst the current standards. Da Stem still uses a 35-millimeter clamp. This was made possible by having a fixed, 1-millimeter thick aluminum band around the center that also serves the secondary benefit of distributing the pressure of clamping forces brought on by the stem when overtightened—a common threat to the integrity of a carbon bar.

The result is a perfectly poised ride. Considering that this bar and stem combo is one of the lightest tested at the level of downhill standards, it is even more impressive how well it performs. Typically, downhill rated bars can be overly stiff as a byproduct of prioritizing strength, but Da Package had superb riding characteristics. 

Out on trail, the vibration dampening and responsiveness was noticeable immediately. And when things got real thick and chunky, Da Package provided a perfect amount of support and stiffness. I was shocked at how well balanced the ride was for such a svelte and lightweight system.

Yet, the mastery of We Are One Composites extends beyond creating high-performing biking components. Its commitment to domestic manufacturing is noteworthy, as it displays an understanding that creating exceptional products and staying local are not conflicting goals, but intertwined facets of the same mission.

Not to mention, it also looks like a great place to work. A quick spin through the company’s YouTube channel shows that We Are One really honors the humans that work and ride with its products. From highlighting the lives of its employees on and off the job, to quirky videos of team riders demonstrating a domestic skill—like how to fold a fitted sheet—it’s clear these folks are creating more than a brand.

In a nutshell, Da Package is the manifestation of expert craftsmanship, remarkable performance, and a commitment to community. It represents a confluence of qualities that elevate your biking experience to the realms of ninja-like precision and stealth. So, if you’re looking for a new cockpit for your bike, I highly suggest this bar and stem combo. With a lifetime warranty, and the chance to support an innovative company from Canada, this is money well spent.