Treelines Fire Can

The Treelines Fire Can was developed for cooking food and warming up while out in the woods building trail.

Treelines Fire Can Accessory Review

Adam McCoy, owner of trailbuilding and clothing company Treelines Northwest, is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever known.

I first met Adam on a trailbuilding series called Peak to Creek that Freehub produced in 2014, and we’ve been good friends ever since. At that time, I was really into figuring out what the spirit animals of my close friends were, and we would joke that Adam’s spirit animal was a 2-stroke dirt bike, since he always had the energy to pin it to the max. Not only is Adam a passionate trailbuilder, rider, cook, DJ and dedicated father/husband, he is constantly hosting trail days and cooking his famous trail-side tacos for the build crews. His secret weapon for those delicious trail-side tacos is the Treelines Fire Can: a portable trail-side grill designed to keep you fed and warm during the cold winter months of building.

Treelines Northwest is a small business run completely by Adam. And here in Bellingham, Washington, the company is synonymous with building great trail while also supplying you with the clothing and accessories you need for a long day of digging in the woods. Adam stopped by the Freehub office a few months ago and graciously handed us one of his Fire Cans. In his typical fashion, he was not seeking publicity, and simply wanted us to have one to use during our trailbuilding outings. I was really excited to use it, as I was building a new trail and the weather was still cold and nasty. Having the ability to cook a hot meal halfway through a long build day does wonders for one’s spirits and helps keep a person strong enough to dig for the remainder of the day.

The Fire Can comes with a grill top that is the perfect size for a large frying pan—or for just throwing things directly onto the old barbie. The can itself is 16 inches tall, allowing plenty of room for small logs or charcoals. It features side handles for easy carrying and is supported by four legs that keep the bottom five inches off the ground—helping to avoid scorching the forest floor. Its portability and light weight make it easy to carry into one’s trailbuilding zone—or anywhere there isn’t a fire pit. And though it is best used while building trail in the forest, it has the looks and versatility to be fired up just about anywhere, including your backyard or patio.

The grill casing has laser-cut Treelines logos on the side that allow plenty of airflow for stoking the fire.
The grill top on the Fire Can can easily fit a large frying pan or be used like a classic BBQ.
Wether you are cooking trailside or on your back patio the Fire Can will handle your grilling needs.

The grill casing has laser-cut Treelines logos on the side that allow plenty of airflow for stoking the fire, and they also add a nice visual aesthetic not commonly seen among bog-standard barbecues. This aesthetically pleasing ventilation system makes starting the fire a breeze, regardless of one’s technique: from log cabin to teepee, or even a hybrid teepee inside a log cabin (my personal favorite), the choice is yours. Heating a hot dog trail-side took me only about 15 minutes from the moment I started the fire—the perfect amount of time to warm up before getting back to building.

The Fire Can comes in raw steel, and Treelines Northwest recommends using high-heat paint if you want to paint it a different color. Or, better yet, you could just allow the Fire Can to naturally develop its own patina after repeated use. As with any piece of heated metal, the handles will be hot while the fire is burning, so be sure to have some sturdy gloves handy for placing the grill over the flame or moving the Fire Can around while it’s still hot.

Whether you’re an avid trailbuilder looking to whip up some warm trail-side grub or simply in need of a small grill for the backyard, the Fire Can is ready to do double-duty when it comes to outdoor grilling. Best of all, Treelines Northwest is a small, rider-driven company run by a passionate mountain biker who dedicates his time and energy to helping expand local trail networks—and to keeping trail crews warm and well-fed while they’re working.

Treelines Fire Can
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