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Alpinestars Nevada 2 Thermal Pants Review

Perched high in the mountains, the Leontopodium alpinum, or Stella Alpina flower, thrives in harsh winter conditions, a symbol of rugged beauty and resilience.

It’s this same spirit of endurance against the biting cold that Alpinestars channels into their Nevada 2 thermal pants. Designed for the mountain biker who, like the Stella Alpina, doesn’t just survive but flourishes in the winter landscape, these pants are a testament to thriving in the face of frosty adversity.

Having sat in the Alpinestars winter collection for years now, these thermal pants’ continued presence and positive feedback from customers signal their strength. And I was happy to get a pair just in time for the temps to drop.

Sliding into these pants, you're welcomed into a world of snug warmth that might make a penguin jealous. Crafted from a lightweight, yet rugged, fleece-backed soft-shell fabric that features a windproof membrane and water-repellent treatment, the Nevada 2 thermal pants promise to keep you warm and dry, even when Mother Nature tries her best to chill you to the bone. But it’s not just about being warm, it’s about being comfortably active. Thanks to a multi-panel, ergonomically profiled construction, these pants offer freedom of movement that’s essential when navigating whatever the trail can throw at you.

“Since the beginning of Alpinestars in the ‘60s, the company ethos has always been to work with elite athletes to develop products that can withstand extreme use and excel in the most intense and challenging conditions,” said Vincent Saccomani, Global Brand Manager at Alpinestars. “It’s through this development process that we have been able to introduce products and innovations to the market that the end consumer has benefitted from, having been put through the rigors of professionals before going to market.”

This pragmatic approach to design is on full display in the Nevada 2 thermal pants. Equipped with deep zippered thigh side pockets, they allow for secure storage of essentials, like a cell phone and keys. Another set of zippers at the bottom of the legs continues nearly up to the knees, allowing adjustment or removal of kneepads without having to take off the pants—a feature I now want on all my riding pants.

It’s easy to overdress when it’s cold outside. The urge to be warm before you even start pedaling often overpowers common sense. And regardless of layering, the climb is always warmer than the descent. That said, I found it easy to regulate my temperature inside the pants thanks to two zippers along the thighs that create an effective venting system. Riding between 20 and 40 degrees, I found that I could stay comfortable in these pants, and if the weather had given me a chance to ride in anything colder, I bet they would have held their own in very frigid temperatures as well.

Durability is another cornerstone of these pants. Not only does the windproof fabric feel tough, but there are two reinforced panels thoughtfully placed at the inner ankles to protect against crankset abrasion. After several rides, often in challenging conditions involving close encounters with branches and the unforgiving ground, the pants held up remarkably well. This durability reflects Alpinestars' commitment to quality, ensuring that the pants can withstand all the rigors of trail life.

Yet despite their robust construction and insulation, the Nevada 2 thermal pants maintain a surprisingly lightweight profile. This quality is essential in winter gear where, too often, warmth equates to bulkiness. Alpinestars has managed to sidestep this common pitfall, providing warmth without the weight.

“It would take 12 individual companies to do what Alpinestars does as one; we are an MTB apparel company, an MX protection company, a footwear company, a helmet company, airbag company, etc,” Saccomani said. “Developers are able to share information, technologies, and innovations across multiple categories where relevant. Plus, having our own in-house test lab where we can test and push our products [sewing, fabrics) to the limit is an incredibly valuable tool.”

The Nevada 2 thermal pants are akin to the Stella Alpina of the biking world. They symbolize the ability to embrace and thrive in the winter season, transforming the challenge of cold into an opportunity for exhilarating rides. These pants are not just a shield against the cold; they’re a celebration of the winter riding spirit, enabling riders to explore frosty terrain with comfort, warmth, and style. For those who view winter not as an obstacle but as an adventure, these pants are your loyal companion, ready to take on the chill and turn it into a thrill.

Alpinestars Nevada 2 Thermal Pants

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