Softride Shuttle Pad : Review

Reviewed By Maggie Vogt

The Softride Shuttle Pad is all around awesome. With a simple design, this pad protects your bikes and tailgate and allows for up to 6 bikes in the full-size truck (LRG, 61”) and 5 bikes for the mid-size truck (SM, 54”). I have the size small for my 98 Toyota Tacoma, and it fits perfectly. Made of heavy-duty padded vinyl, the Softride shuttle pad is super user-friendly. There are 4 tie-down straps and fittings that hold the pad in place over the tailgate. An integrated strap and up to 6 soft-wraps lends the option of tethering the bikes to the pad to ensure stability and prevent shifting. But in my experience the pad itself is thick enough to provide adequate cushioning to prevent any shift or bounce and protects my tailgate and downtubes from scratches.

Some of the main features of this shuttle pad that I love include the easy application and removal of the pad, the tailgate-handle protector flap that Velcros closed and allows for easy access without removal of the pad, the durable and simple heavy-duty design with tough quality stitching, and the low-profile flat black appearance. The option of easy removal is nice when you’re in a spot where sketchy weasel might try to steal it from your truck. Although I can’t completely latch the topper window on my truck with the pad on, I find myself leaving it in place because it also protects my precious tailgate when hauling surfboards, road bikes, lumber, and various other fun items around. All in all the Softride Shuttle Pad Tailgate Bike Carrier is the best of its kind out there at a radical price and you should probably get one for yourself.

MSRP: $100.00
Weight: 7.8 lbs
Sizes: small, 54” (fits most mid size trucks) & large, 61” (fits most full-size trucks)
Available at: