Freehub Vol 7.4 // On Sale Now!

Freehub Vol 7.4 // On Sale Now! A Look Inside the Adventure & Escape Issue

Bikes can take us far—that’s no secret.

After all, they were built on the basis of transportation, but what really took hold was the realization that the only limitation was the person pedaling. Today, they take us all over the world in search of new and far-flung places to ride, be it through Japan’s busiest cities or the deserted Bolivian Andes, but all for the same reason: the search for adventure and escape. This issue is dedicated to those wild voyages, with the intent of inspiring many more. However, it is essential to remember that adventure can be found just as easily out the back door as across the globe—the important thing is that we go look for it.

Below is a sneak peak at what’s inside of Issue 7.4. Subscribe in print, or online for the full issue.