Fox Attack Pro Trailsystem

Fox Head's Attack Pro Trailsystem is designed to work together to provide ample airflow and movement.

Fox Head Attack Pro Trailsystem Clothing Review

In early April 2016, Fox Head released their Attack Pro Trailsystem, a kit engineered to work together to provide comfort and performance for all types of mountain biking.

The highlights are the materials, ventilation and fit that is carried throughout the jersey, short and bibs. Fox Head has been in the mountain biking game long enough to know what they’re doing, and while this isn’t the first time clothes have been engineered to work together, their intentions of creating a full riding “system” haven’t gone unnoticed.

The whole Trailsystem is comprised of the Attack 3/4 Jersey, Attack Pro Shorts and the Evolution Pro Bib. Both the jersey and shorts use 4-way stretch materials to provide the utmost freedom of movement and have intentionally placed, laser-cut perforations. On the Attack Jersey, this is on the side of the chest, right near the armpits. The holes are small and discrete, certainly keep the air moving. The 4-way stretch fabric makes up most of the jersey, save for the side paneling and the downsides of the sleeves. Here, the engineers used a polyester mesh fabric with exceptional wicking ability.

To be honest, I’ve never been much of a fan of 3/4 length sleeves, but a personal preference isn’t something I let turn into a preconceived notion. The agility and lightweight of the Attack Jersey were the outstanding factors, as the 4-way flex fabric is pretty thin and certainly flexible. Even on hot days, the extra length of the sleeves didn’t bother me, and with a breeze or while riding, the wind seems to flow right through the jersey. It’s also got a bit of a tall fit, which I’m a fan of as I hate to feel restricted while riding.

Laser-cut holes in front of the armpits keep the air flowing while riding.
Along with 4-way stretch fabric, the Attack 3/4 Jersey also uses polyester mesh on the bottom the the sleeves and side of the jersey.
A small stash pocket on the side of the jersey is perfect for a credit card and some cash.
The Attack 3/4 Jersey has a slightly loose and tall fit.

The Attack Pro Shorts are constructed from a different, more heavy-duty, 4-way stretch fabric, with fully welded seams and extra welds on the outside of the knees and the hips. The same style laser perforations are on the inner thighs and the outside of the hips, making for good airflow. A three-snap fly closure keeps the shorts snug.

I have definitely been stoked on the comfort and fit of the shorts over the last three months, and they are wearing exceptionally well. They have a slightly slim profile, which fits well for people with smaller thighs, but still still leaves enough room for kneepads. One of the things I noticed right off the bat was that three-snap closure only allows for a small bit of adjustability, and the waist band doesn’t have any other way to adjust the fit. It’s not the end of the world, but it means it’s hard to get that perfect fit.

The Evolution Pro Bibs are super comfy and have a great fit. I never had any rubbing or chafing with the shoulder straps, and the seams were unnoticeable. They definitely help keep body heat in, so they’re great for cooler days, but can lead to overheating if it’s hot out. And the fly is next level awesome. Not many people put flys on bibs, so taking a leak is quite the hassle, but not with these. Another unique feature is the stash pocket on the back. If you’re a fan of traveling light, it’s the perfect spot for a pump, tube and a bit of food, however the pocket itself is discrete enough to not be noticed under a backpack.

The Attack Pro Shorts come with liners that are essentially the bottom half of the bib if you’re not looking to spring for the whole kit or want to avoid the goofy looks that sometimes come with bibs. But the people giving those looks probably just haven’t tried them, their loss.

The Attack Pro Shorts fit well and allow maximum freedom of movement.
The zippered pockets can hold anything from a phone to a pump without feeling too bulky.
Laser-cut holes on the inner thigh and outer hip allow for maximum airflow.
The three-button fly closure holds tight, but only allows for a small bit of adjustability.
The Evolution Pro Bib has a back pocket to carry riding essentials while traveling light.

The ultimate test for any new gear is if it gets adopted into the pile of go-to riding gear. When it has just the right fit and feel, and jives well with the rest of your established gear, you know it’s a keeper. The Attack Pro Shorts and chamois were quickly welcomed into my own daily riding kit, passing the comfort test and continually passing the durability test. The Attack 3/4 Jersey—despite the fabric’s comfort and airflow—didn’t have the same immediate adoption into my daily riding attire, as it just doesn’t have the same innate fit and feel. Maybe it’s the 3/4 sleeves, I’m not sure. Even though it’s not my own immediate preference, the jersey is not one to overlook, as it pairs well with the shorts and its features definitely succeed.

Overall, Fox Head certainly accomplished what they set out to do, as the features carried across the whole kit work well. Comfort and breathability will always be the most important factors in riding gear, and the Attack Pro Trailsystem succeeds in both those categories.

Attack 3/4 Jersey
MSRP: $89.95

Attack Pro Shorts
MSRP: $189.95

Evolution Pro Bib
MSRP: $149.95

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