Bontrager Rapid Pack

Bontrager's Rapid Pack is a great substitute for a backpack for short rides and quick missions.

Bontrager Rapid Pack Accessory Review

We have a minimalism movement happening within mountain biking, and the fanny pack is leading the charge.

Maybe it stems from enduro racing, or maybe people just got tired of hauling around things they don’t need, but I think it’s safe to say that the 90s fashion statement-turned-embarrassing-dad-accessory is making a comeback.

Sure, when out for an all-day, 8-hour epic ride, the full hydration pack makes sense. But for the casual pedal or post-work ride, the fanny pack is undeniably functional. A full sized hydration pack can be bulky, hot, and can even shift your center of gravity when launching off jumps or big drops. The fanny pack is sleek, offering enough storage capacity without a major weight penalty.

Bontrager’s Rapid Pack features two side pockets with a water bottle holder in the middle. The two zippered security pockets hold essentials with each side offering mesh sleeves in which to organize small items. The foam back panel is grooved, making the Rapid Pack both breathable and comfortable. The sleek profile uses a stretch woven material, which is the secret to its comfort. Anything bulky or odd-shaped within the pack can be situated to it pushed outward and not on your back. The thinner edges and wider middle help it contour your back and hips in good fashion. 

Heavy duty but light weight, the front clip keeps the Rapid Pack secure while riding.
The two large side pockets each have subdividers for keeping small items organized.
All the essentials. The Rapid Pack is surprisingly roomy, yet never feels too bulky.

The Rapid Pack has an ergonomic fit and holds on tight. Not too tight though, like that clingy ex-girlfriend that just doesn’t understand the word “No.” The main buckle is solid and waist tension is easy to adjust on the fly with the use of the two clips on each hip. Thanks to the 100-cubic-inch capacity of the Rapid Pack, it doesn’t have much bulk and holds the essentials close to the body. Some might consider the pack’s small capacity its downfall, but isn’t that why we ditched the backpack in the first place?

I was slightly skeptical about the bottle being in the middle originally, but have since come to appreciate its positioning for the sake of weight evenness. It’s super easy to remove and place with one hand and without turning the whole pack around. A small elastic band, along with the pack’s stretch fabric, keeps everything tight with or without a bottle in it.

When the pack is stuffed with a phone, multi-tool, pump, food and spare tube, it still remains snug and comfy. Throw a water bottle and a spare layer in the pack, and while it might be a bit snug, it’s not overwhelming. It is noticeable that the more weight and gear you put in the pack, the more it pulls on your tummy, but no pack can outsmart gravity.

Overall, Bontrager made a no-frills, straight to the point pack that performs its carrying duties with finesse. Yes, it’s still a fanny pack, but the practicality that made it so popular back in the day carries over almost too well for mountain bikers. 

Bontrager Rapid Pack
MSRP: $60

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